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LCHDS School Policies

Dress Code
London Community Hebrew Day School does not have a formal dress code, however boys are expected to supply and wear their own kippot.

Students are also discouraged from wearing ‘beach-type’ clothing during the warmer months, and are requested to dress more formally on Fridays in honour of Shabbat.

Food Policy
Our school has a dairy food only policy. No meat or meat products may be brought for school lunches. Students are not allowed to share their food with others.

If a child wishes to bring birthday treats for classmates, they must be certified Kosher items – either commercially prepared baked goods or baked in the supervised school kitchen.

Our school is nut-free.
Parents may order a PTA birthday cookie and book for the class in honour of their child’s birthday.

In planning a birthday party for your child outside of school, we ask parents to keep in mind that many of our students come from observant homes. Parties held on Shabbat, or where non-kosher food is served, may cause some children to be left out.  We ask parents to be sensitive to the feelings of all our students.

For safety reason, parents should notify the school if a child is going to be absent. When a student returns after an absence, parents are required to send a note explaining reasons for the absence.

In order to minimize disruptions to the class, please do not schedule appointments or music lessons during the school day. If a child must be excused from class during the day, parents are requested to send a written note in advance.

Children arriving late for class should report to the office on arrival.

It is school policy that timely written notice must be given to the teacher in the event that a child will be absent for reasons other than sickness or bereavement, and that the child is responsible for missed work.

Students will be provided with text and note books by the school. Proper care of these items is the responsibility of the student. Lost, torn, or defaced textbooks or supplies provided by the school will have to be replaced at the parents’ expense.

Any issue that arises between students in the same grade are best resolved within that class. Parents should contact the teacher, at the school, to work out a resolution. If the parent is not satisfied with the results, the next step would be to contact the Principal. If the parent is still not satisfied, parents may contact an executive board member.

Contacting Teachers
Teachers are available by appointment only, prior to and following their teaching sessions. Parents are requested to contact the teachers through the office. To arrange an appointment, please call 519.439.8419.

Carpools and Parking
There is limited dedicated parking for teachers or parents in front of the school.  Federation dedicated parking spots should be used for drop-off and pick-up only.  For longer visits, please park in the Or Shalom parking lot.